West Coast

Dense woods in the Olympic Mountains

Scene from the Olympic montains range

Beach in Washington

Plains east of the Cascades

Rock formation

From Washington State to Oregon

A day in Seaside

The dunes in Oregon

Another impression of the dunes

Somewhere in Oregon

Successfully turned thirty

Mighty Columbia River

Columbia River, border between Washington State and Oregon

Somewhere along Columbia River

West coast in Oregon with lighthouse

Near the coastline in Oregon

I like old cemeteries

The SR1 north of San Fransisco

Nice architecture in SF

Old houses for officers

Must be the Golden Gate Bridge

Crater Lake. It doesn't get more blue than this.

Mount Shasta

A canyon near Crater Lake

Redwoods in California

Beach driving at the Pacific

Just a road scenery

Campground in San Fransisco

On the road to California

Roadside lunch break on the beach

A Sequoia tree in Oregon

Transamerica pyramid from Chinatown

Living in San Francisco

"The streets of San Francisco"

Entering Yosemite Park

Yosemite Park from a summit

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