Wadi Sidr to Fujairah

L: On the road again. This is the scenery on highway 18.
R: Entering the village of Ghail, where the off-road part begins.

L: Approaching a tranquil village...
R: ...which is well hidden in the mountains.

L: Yet the track is easy to drive.
R: But it's getting rougher pretty soon.

L: On top of a ridge leading down into a valley.
R: Winding through the valley floor...

L: ...and up until we reach this higher plain.
R: We make our lunch break to enjoy the view.

L: And the view is breathtaking.
R: A flat picture is unable to reveal the depth of the scenery.

L: Careful, this shrub is armed.
R: On we go down the mountain.

L: Here is the mandatory camel greeting.
R: Back on tarmac towards Dibba.

L: Dibba is a coast town backed by mountain, featuring...
R: ...a prominent mosque...

L: ...a teapot roundabout...
R: ...and a fort roundabout.

L: Finally we reach the Indian Ocean.
R: The Indian Ocean is warmer than the Arabian Sea.

L: The city of Fujairah is nothing special, as it seems.
R: We make a last break at an all-week-round "Friday Market".

L: Lots of things on sale on the market.
R: The route back to Dubai through Masafi during sunset.

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