Wadi Ray

L: Looking down from Jebel Rawdah
R: View over the Omani plains

L: Mountains alongside Hatta highway
R: Roaming groups of camels cross the roads

L: The road down to Al Ain through Omani territory
R: ...is a scenic, worth-wile drive!

L: At the start of the track towards A'Shega
R: A little break under a shady group of trees

L: The track as it goes deeper into the hills
R: Impressive view

L: Lots of opportunities to make a stop
R: Here's an advertisement for Landrover

L: A typical village
R: How to get around?

L: Scenic mountains with white rocks
R: Hajar mountain range

L: On a side track into nowhere
R: The main track as it crosses a wadi

L: Mountain view from a plateau
R: Thorny vegetation up the mountains

L: Track to the pools on the bottom of wadi Ray
R: The water created these vertical walls

L: Entering the wadi
R: A colorful ensemble

L: A group of Indians celebrating their arrival
R: The gorge at the top of the pools

L: Inside wadi Ray
R: At the pools at the wadi's end

L: Deep and cool even in summer
R: The village of Shuwayhah at the end of the track

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