Arabian Ranches

L: All right, that's just a dune, but it's my first one!
R: Never go alone in the desert, and besides, it's more fun.

L: Beautiful view over the dunes
R: A goat farm somewhere in between

L: This baby dune came in handy for some exercises
R: What's the maximum tilt angle for this car again?

L: Look, camel poop! Just in case you wanted to know...
R: Sand formations made by wind and water

L: Wild donkeys roam the desert, great to watch
R: A small camel farm and its inhabitants

L: Baby camel and mama camel, being very protective
R: And even gazelles watching is possible.

L: Throttle in the wrong moment, and you dig.
R: But everyone gets his chance

L: Dunes, dunes, dunes...
R: ...and suddenly this! But a great service.

L: Suddenly we find a 1 km strip of raw autobahn
R: Jolly good idea! Soon this area will be just another suburb.

L: Isn't she a beauty?
R: Inflating the tires at a tasty roadside billboard

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