Muscat, Oman

L: Muscat welcomes you as a fortress in the mountains.
R: Living in style on the Muscat shoreline.

L: The corniche, a popular motive from many Muscat pictures.
R: Old Fort Mutrah on the hilltop.

L: Oh these Hummers. They're everywhere.
R: Detail with the Blue Mosque's minarett in the background.

L: A backstreet scenery with a phantastic wooden door.
R: Fancy house entrance, probably Indian style.

L: One of the entrances to the Mutrah Soukh.
R: Buy what you want. It's much of a tourist attraction.

L: The gold is solid and you pay by the weight.
R: And there is the Indian bric-a-brac again.

L: Omani students, shy of being photographed.
R: And lots of fancy roundabouts on the 500 km way home to Dubai.

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