Falaj Al Moalla

L: A typical UAE strip city along a highway.
R: The village of Biyatah, where the off-road part starts.

L: Wild and shy donkeys, once domestic and now feral.
R: How about a race on a salt lake?

L: The start of the sand track, as usual we deflate the tires.
R: Here is the entrance of the track to the Ghaf forest.

L: Just an excuse for an arty picture.
R: A pet camel on the way.

L: Other animals: A tiny lizard...
R: ...and sand bugs.

L: A decent lunch is always important...
R: ...and on we go.

L: Here I made a bloody damn stupid rookie mistake...
R: ...but I wasn't the only one ;-)

L: It rained a lot this winter, and the desert is changing.
R: Just a nice spot we were passing by.

L: A plantation is one of the landmarks we found.
R: A look back from where we came.

L: Suddenly, another brand new highway not found on any map.
R: A local taking out his dogs in style. Why walk?

L: Rallye Paris-Dakar? No, it'just Frank creeping up a hill.
R: Finally at our destination, the Ghaf tree forest.

Note the trashy flashy blue plastic bag in the last picture. It is as typical as the beauty of the Arabian peninsula's landscape. I don't show that on my pictures, but you find it everywhere and even in the most awesome places. It's a shame.

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