L: Just off the road from Hatta to Mahdah/Al Ain.
R: Taking a small track to the village of Sumayni.

L: Colorful boulders and stones, enriched with chlorite.
R: A farm in Sumayni.

L: We planned to make our way through a narrow wadi
R: ...but every single yard took forever, so we gave up.

L: Fascinating rocks alongside the track to the desert.
R: More of those.

L: A view back from where we just came around the corner.
R: The famous layered rocks in the Hatta region.

L: We left the mountains behind us and are heading towards the desert
R: that mixes nicely with the mountain slopes and the green wadi floor.

L: Green desert.
R: Viewpoint after some dune climbing.

L: View from our campsite back to the mountains.
R: The very windy campsite.

L: And a very windy campfire, too.
R: But next day for breakfast it was perfectly calm.

L: Nice and beautiful people.
R: The obligatory art picture.

L: Scenic Impression 1
R: Scenic Impression 2

L: Scenic Impression 3
R: Scenic Impression 4

L: After lunch the boys got some time to play.
R: Almost out of the desert.

L: Let's inflate the tires and get back home.
R: Two navigators without a clue.

L: It's getting dark fast, lets drive on.
R: Sunset in the little town of Madam.

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