Tour 2006

L: The warm-up phase: How to get over there?
R: Hang in there, Rolf! Don't you move!

L: Crossing a Sabkha (salt flat) on a track to an oil field
R: First break for a little lunch

L: It must have rained here as heavy as in Dubai.
R: Various shades of sand, and even lots of green in the sabhkas.

L: Two happy sand surfers
R: Here comes Rolf!

L: These extremly steep slopes are easily 80m high
R: ... which should be a problem even for this fellow.

L: Sabkha racing ...
R: ... and dune sliding

L: A thousand green "Tic-Tacs" on every scrub, full of water
R: Certainly an enjoyable food for the camels

L: The kiddies had fun, too. Next time I'll bring a snowboard.
R: On top of the world.

L: The campsite in the slip stream of a dune
R: Here is the mandatory sunset picture

L: Sunrise after a very pieceful night
R: Sand and sky, nothing else.

L: The campsite from a distance
R: Nobody else in this ocean of sand

L: Just one of these arty pictures with sun and shade
R: This crater was shaped by the wind and is pretty deep.

L: On the way back we found some tracks ...
R: ... on which we passed by a Bedu shephard in his camp

L: Two off-roaders looking at each other
R: The convoy

L: Almost back in civilisation...
R: This is it, we are inflating the tires.

 Tour 2007

L: The Liwa Hotel, good place to start a tour.
R: There is no such thing as too little pressure.

L: Sand autobahns interconnects the oil fields.
R: Looking forward for a route.

L: Deeper in the dunes, waiting for the others.
R: Martina, the living tow rope.

L: Our campsite in 2007.
R: 50m deep craters wait to swallow cars.

L: The crew, 3 off-roaders and 1 Ford Explorer.
R: Downhill is the only way!

L: Rolf and his two best friends: shovel and tow rope.
R: Traces in the sand, unidentified.

L: Desert impressions
R: Almost back in the Liwa Oasis.

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