Hatta Pools

L: Camel encounter during a break on the way to Hatta.
R: View over Hatta, embedded in the mountains.

L: Hatta fort and heritage village, a historic site.
R: View from the Hatta dam, a reservoir for drinking water.

L: A curious lizard at the shoreline of the hatta dam.
R: It's a wide and easy track to the Hatta pools.

L: Interesting coloured rocks on the way.
R: A small gorge found during a little break.

L: Looks harmless, but watch what can happen when it rains...
R: At the pools. What are all these people doing here?

L: The pools are a great place to swim...
R: ...and carry water all year round.

L: View upstream of the main gorge...
R: ...and downstream of the gorge.

L: Clear and very deep water.
R: A falaj bringing water to a nearby plantation.

L: The track out of the mountains.
R: A hole in the wall.

L: A wadi bed that turns into a torrent after heavy rain.
R: Blooming vegetation in the wadis.

L: Many side tracks lead to unknown destinations.
R: These boulders that come in slices.

L: Just a view onto the track.
R: A typical strip city alongside highway 44.

L: Art and crafts on the way to Dubai.
R: Rushing back through the desert at sunset.

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