Fossil Rock

L: The tour starts at a plantation in beautiful Al Awir village.
R: It is going to be an easy sand track.

L: Now I now where tennis balls actually come from.
R: The first orientation landmark is a group of camel farms.

L: The amount of greenery is always astounding to me.
R: Another unexpected brand new road cutting through the idyll.

L: Continuing on to Wadi Fayah and Fossil Rock.
R: There are only smaller dunes on this tour.

L: A rock formation in Wadi Fayah.
R: Behind the camel is Jebel Fayah.

L: A posing mini lizard.
R: The last miles to Fossil Rock are freestyle.

L: Fossil Rock in sight. His real name is Jebel Maleihah.
R: Picnic at the foot of Camel Rock.

L: Great climbing on these rocks.
R: Who dumped this boulder here?

L: Detail from Camel Rock.
R: The slope of Camel Rock.

L: The tour continues up to the Fossil Rock ridge...
R: the middle of this picture. Can you see our tire prints?

L: A detail from Fossil Rock.
R: Another one.

L: Some strange old trees at the end of the route.
R: This is the road back to highway 55 and Dubai.

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