Washed Away

L: With heavy rain all day, the ditch turns into a stream immediately
R: The Hatta Dam from top of the wall

L: Overflow bassin with a very steep road up the damn
R: Our convoy of three during a halt to check out the wadi

L: A dry bed just some days ago is now a whitewater
R: Another rainy picture

L: The track to the Hatta pool on that crazy day
R: A wadi with that much water is not a frequent sight

L: Water is coming from virtually every direction
R: Don't try this with a VW Polo

L: Not enough traction on the slope, couldn't get it out
R: We hardly managed to get back out of the wadi

L: A common picture that day - you're lost without a 4x4
R: The valley along the freeway from Dubai to Hatta

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