The Final Tour Into the Desert

L: The sand is soft in June, must get them down to 15 psi.
R: To make clear what the motto of the day was.

L: Our destination was a solitude rock in the red desert near Wadi Fayah.
R: As always, it's just great fun to go up and down the dunes.

L: We're there. Some need to climb, some just look and enjoy the scenery.
R: View from the summit over the second part of the route.

L: The rock structure is fascinating, including many fossil traces.
R: Suddenly a big grey and white owl flew out from these caves.

L: Later I managed to enjoy my last and final stuck...
R: ...but why dig if you have a friend who pulls you out.

L: Damn, I'm going to miss this car already!!! (Forget the Pajero ;-)
R: And again, we hit a brand new road cutting through nowhere.

L: If there's reincarnation, then I'd like to be a camel next time.
R: The scenic descent to Wadi Fayah, featuring Jebel Fayah in the haze.

L: But before it's over we shall have some fun.
R: The sand is so soft, you actually need to give throttle.

L: Inflating the tires.
R: The flawless tarmac road back home. Farewell, desert!

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