Wadi Bih To Fujairah

L: The tour starts at the outskirts of Ras Al Khaimah.
R: A field of violett flowers on the way.

L: Available only during winter months...
R: A weekend hideaway for local mountain lovers

L: Driving deeper inside the wadi.
R: These walls must be a paradise for climbers.

L: Wadi Bih.
R: More Wadi Bih.

L: Looking back on the way to the summit.
R: View from the summit down to the other side.

L: And down we go.
R: A small Arabian cemetery.

L: More of these spectacular rock formations.
R: A delightful picnic after the descent.

L: Then came the excavator and scraped the road.
R: So we moved on into a gorge on the way out.

L: Now we are in the narrower Wadi Khab Al Shamis.
R: Road meets riverbed. Impassable when it rains.

L: Scenic drive.
R: Almost out.

L: A remote Omani mountain village...
R: ...where people have a different attitute towards life.

L: A no-frills house.
R: Donkey checkpoint.

L: Dibba and the Indian Ocean is the end of the route.
R: Passing Masafi on a one and a half hour drive back home.

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