Wadi Asimah

L: The track branches off the Wadi Sidr route.
R: A beautyful spot, and there is trash, as usual.

L: The first of many tricky spots.
R: Al Mawrid, an oasis like from a picture book.

L: The other end of the oasis.
R: Very slowly getting deeper into the wadi.

L: Attack of the mutant sheeps.
R: It turned out to be the rockiest tour so far.

L: This shrub thinks it's a punk.
R: That wadi is fun all the way.

L: Scattered settlements and shady gardens.
R: The clock turns at lower speed here.

L: Phanstastic bird - what's the species?
R: Our picnic in the shade at 40 degrees Celcius.

L: The greenery is more and more drying up now.
R: Flower beds in a private garden.

L: A little plantation hanging at the slope of a hill.
R: This shady cool palm orchard is full of birds and cicadas.

L: On we go over the last tricky spot.
R: Not a Pajero ad!.

L: Soon enough we are back in civilization.
R: At the end is Asimah with many new villas along highway 89.

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