Seattle, Washington State

Underground bus system

Downtown from Alki Point

Snoqualmie Fall near I-90

Winter scenery in the Cascades

Rattlesnake Lake, favorite hiking spot

Cascade mountains from a peak near Rattlesnake Lake

Sky over Jimmy Hendrix' grave

Mount Rainier, 4400 meters high.

Grave of Chief Seattle

Mount St. Helens, erupted in 1980

Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle

Pudget Sound. This is one beautiful area!

My fun car in front of our appartment building

Some classic brick architecture in Seattle

The fountain in the Science Centre Park

I believe he finally sold his hut...

Oldest high-rise building in Seattle

How to live in style on Alki Point

Us with friends on Lena's first birthday

The community we moved in later. View from our house.

Mount Rainier at the horizont. Extremely impressive in reality.

A walk at Lake Washington in early fall

View over Lake Washington

Pudget Sound again

More than enough snow on Snoqualmie Pass in the Cascades

Hiking in winter with Lena

Approaching Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier's peak from Paradise (I think)

Area of Mt. Saint Helens as it recovers

Mount Hood

Conny with Johanna inside

This peak near Rattlesnake Lake I climbed a few times

How to use a park in America. Rule No. 1: Follow all rules!

Levenworth, a mock-up of a Bavarian village, with Snitzel!

A store near Port Townsend on the Olympic peninsula

There, from the hotel window, we observed the making of a movie with Ethan Hawke

View from the east towards Redmont: Lake Washington, Seattle, Pudget Sound, Olympic Mountains

A famous waterfall along the historic highway along Columbia River

Lighthouse near Port Townsend

A side canyon of the majestic Columbia River

You bet it's a lot of fun to drive these roads...

...with this car. This is the Pacific Ocean in Seaside, Oregon.

The Pacific again. Snow and beaches all in one day.

Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic peninsula

Lake Washington, not far from Billy Gates' estate

Us in 1997

Cross-country skiing in the Olympic Mountains

...where this car turned out to be really useful.

The Olympic mountain range.

The Pacific coastline

Colonial style building in Port Townsend

The campus of the University of Washington

Seattle from the Space Needle, south direction

...and north-east direction .

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