Michael's Lousy Home Page 

 Why This Page Is (Still) Lousy

Why I've got no time Three reasons why this home page is not really the newest latest in Web design and almost never updated. Well, at least the HTML code is hand crafted with love.

 Our Picture Book

Click for lots of pictures Ever since I bought this digital camera way back in '96, I knew that I needed a home page where I can dump all these pictures. So there, here is our album. New in the collection: Dubai.

 Tcl Developers Corner

Programmer's stuff Tcl/Tk is something special! If you are into programming and look for a real good scripting language, then you should check it out. Here are some extensions to it.

 Slot Car Racing

For the child in the man Thanks to ebay a new old hobby for grown-up children around the age of 30 to 40 can be reanimated: Slot car racing with the old, classic Carrera and Faller systems.

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